Summer-Approved Colour Combinations 

Finally, Summers are here, months of all about dressing pretty and colorful. 

Here we have listed the foolproof color combinations which are summer approved. 

Think of a sky blue dress paired with coral sandals or a sky blue striped beach towel- a refreshing color combination for beating the heat. 

Sky Blue and Coral

This pastel color combo creates a light and airy feel for summer. Pair a mint green blouse with peach shorts or a peach pants.

Mint Green and Peach

This bright color combination will add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Think of a lemon top with lavender pants.

Lavender and Lemon

This warm and sophisticated color combination is perfect for summer evenings. Pair a mustard top with navy pants and mustard bag.

Mustard and Navy

This vibrant color combination will make you stand out in the crowd. Think of a fuchsia swimsuit with turquoise accessories.

Fuchsia and Turquoise

This earthy color combination is perfect for adding a rustic feel. Try a burnt orange skirt paired with an olive top with rusty sandals. 

Burnt Orange and Olive

This soft and feminine color combination is perfect for a romantic summer look. Pair a blush pink dress with lilac earrings to beat the summer heat. 

Blush Pink and Lilac

This cheerful color combination will add a sunny touch to your wardrobe. Think of a bright yellow top with aqua skirt paired with yellow heels. 

Bright Yellow and Aqua