melancholic K-pop songs

SEVENTEEN's cute love ballad describes a perfect relationship with sweet lyrics and soft instrumentals. It's a dreamy journey of love confession

SEVENTEEN – “Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night”

BTOB's "Missing You" deals with missing someone who's no longer around, but still holds a hint of hope

BTOB – “Missing You”

Taeyeon's new release narrates the post-breakup journey with a gloomy storyline but a soothing melody

 Taeyeon – “What Do I Call You”

DAY6's melancholic song deals with ultimatums in failing relationships

 DAY6 – “You Were Beautiful”

EXO sings about the hard work and reassurance needed in relationships, with enchanting lyrics and dulcet instrumentals

EXO – “Just as Usual”

BLACKPINK's heart-wrenching song talks of letting go of loved ones for their happiness, sung with harmonious vocals that touch the heart

BLACKPINK – “Hope Not”

 BTS's guitar ballad tackles loneliness, confusion, and sadness by asking the right questions for emotional self-discovery.

 BTS – “Blue & Grey”

IU's warm tune describes the aftermath of a breakup, with lyrics portraying the ex as a stranger, and spring imagery all over

IU – “Hi Spring Bye”

TXT's hypnotizing lullaby talks of cherishing childhood memories to the point of reliving them in dreams. It's pure nostalgia material

TXT – “Nap of a Star”