9 K-Pop Groups Who Have Their Own K-Dramas, Web Dramas, Or Movies

A web drama depicts a boy's healing by summoning GOT7 members, telling a story in a fantastic way.

GOT7 – “Dream Knight”

Fans asked, Stray Kids answered in a Dingo collaborative short film.

Stray Kids – “What If You Are a JYP Entertainment’s Trainee?”

This 81-minute movie is another solid proof of the members’ comical spirit.

Super Junior – “Attack on the Pin-up Boys”

ASTRO stars in web drama as themselves, time-traveling a day before their debut stage.

ASTRO – “To Be Continued”

Gentlemen play themselves, moving to a new home to escape fame in the plot of the story.

EXO – “EXO Next Door”

TREASURE takes on the role of students who happen to count an extra person during attendance.

TREASURE – “Mysterious Class”

BTS debuts on TV, and laptops. The result is wholesome yet satisfyingly cool.

BTS – “What If There Was An Eye Candy BTS High School?”

LOONA's "Woomanna" drama follows their subunits, 1/3 and Odd Eye Circle, across three seasons.

LOONA – “First Love Story”

ONF's short drama follows six housemates - five men and a woman - exploring acting in a rich storyline.

ONF – “Can I Step In?”

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