Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Beauty Secrets

Holding the title of the most beautiful woman in the world, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is very selective regarding her beauty routine. 

From glam lip shade to cat-eye makeup, here we present Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's beauty secrets because she is totally adorable. 

The first beauty mantra which Aishwarya swears by is keeping herself hydrating; she said, "The beauty advice I would pass on to my daughter is simple—always drink a lot of water, nourish your skin and hair with vitamin-rich food and keep it simple". 

Drink lots of water

To keep her skin fresh and glowing, Aishwarya relies on homemade face masks; her favourite is, "A pack with besan, cream, and turmeric, a massage with honey and curd, a banana face mask, and milk and almond oil face packs."- she told in an interview.

DIY face mask

To keep herself calm and relaxed, Aishwarya swears by Aromatherapy; her favourite essential oils include sandalwood, which she feels great for the skin, chamomile or lavender to relieve stress and eucalyptus or lemongrass to improve immunity.

Yes to aromatherapy

A new hairstyle instantly changes your mood, and Aishwarya keeps on experimenting with her hair, she said, "How I wear my hair depends on my mood, the occasion and what I am wearing. I’m not fussy about wearing it a certain way—I like experimenting".

Keep switching your hairstyle

The actress knows the power of oiling and regularly massaging her hair; she said, "I do feel it’s extremely important to nourish and oil your hair regularly, and essential oils are my biggest indulgence"

Try oil massage

Aishwarya said, “Red lips have the power to attract everyone’s attention and make you feel red-carpet-ready instantly,” Her favourite lip shade is L’Oréal Paris Pure Reds in Lincoln Rose.

When confused, wear red lipstick

Mascara can instantly glam up your look, and Aishwarya likes to pile it on; she said, "To play up my eyes, I use a volumizing mascara".

Keep mascara on hand

Aishwarya, talking about her Cannes looks, she said, "My team and I look to do something different each time, although my favourite is winged eyes matched with bold red lips".

Cat eye is also a good idea

According to Aishwarya, matte is perfect for the daytime and glossy for the night; she said, "For the day, I am partial to lip colours in shades of nude, pink, peach, beige and earthy brown," and for the night, "light shimmery shades for the lips and smoky eyes."

Day and night makeup should be different