Awkward Questions To Ask Him Before Saying ‘Yes’

These awkward questions will give you an in-depth understanding of your partners’ beliefs and can save you both heartache later.

This question will help you tap into his belief system in the constitution of marriage.  Remember that marriage does not always mean the same thing to everyone.

 What Does Being In A Marriage Mean To You?

Asking him this question will help you understand a relative timeline of when he plans on starting a family and how many kids he sees in the future.

Do You Want Kids? If Yes, How Soon In The Future?

Conflicts, disagreements, and fights are part and parcel of every relationship. You need to understand how he reacts so that you know what to expect.

 How Do You Handle Conflicts In A Relationship?

This question could cause awkwardness, it is important to ask it. Take some time before settling down if he still has some lingering thoughts about the previous relationship

Have You Moved On From Your Previous Relationship?

If a man is financially responsible, then he is more stable and can also help you handle your finances.

How Do You Earn, Spend And Save Money?

Life is unpredictable, but having a partner who watches you blossom in your career is your biggest cheerleader.

Would You Mind If I Earn More Than You?

This is an important question as everyday work life can usually lead to stress. Tell him how taking vacations or breaks will only help him to keep his work-life balance in check.

Does Your Lifestyle Include Taking Breaks Or Going On Vacations?

Talk it out on how you both wish to approach the household chores situation and how much is he willing to help.

How Do We Split The Household Chores?

Be it a religious tradition or something else; talk to your partner and learn about them. Ask what his expectations are from you.

Are There Some Set Family Traditions That You Would Want To Follow?

Tapping into this topic at an early stage will help you both to learn more about what to avoid and what you both care for.

What Are Your Deal Breakers In A Marriage?