Bae Suzy's Top 9 Korean Dramas

Bae Suzy is a talented South Korean actress and singer who has appeared in several popular Korean dramas and movies.

Here is a list of some of the notable K-dramas and movies in which she has starred:

Bae Suzy's Korean Dramas

The series shows the romance between former K-pop Idol Doona and a young student, Won-Jun. 


In this fantasy romance drama, where she portrayed a woman who can see the future in her dreams.

While You Were Sleeping

Suzy played the role a passionate and hardworking woman who is determined to achieve her goals.


Suzy played the role of Go Hae Ri, a National Intelligence Service agent who teams up with the stuntman to investigate the truth.


Suzy reunited with Kim Woo Bin in this romantic drama, which tells the story of two childhood friends who fall in love despite their tragic past.

Uncontrollably Fond

She made her acting debut in this musical drama series, which tells the story of students at a performing arts high school.

Dream High

Suzy had a supporting role in this movie, which explores the complex relationships of a group of friends over the years.

Architecture 101

Suzy starred in this mystery thriller drama, which tells the story of a woman who lives a lie by pretending to be someone else.


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