Beautiful Korean Baby Girl Names

This name reflects elegance and charm, representing a girl who possesses inner and outer beauty.

Ji-Yeon: "Graceful and Beautiful"

It signifies a girl who brings beauty and serenity into the lives of others, just like a peaceful garden.

Hae-Won: "Garden of Grace"

It symbolizes a girl who possesses timeless beauty and radiance that never fades away.

Mi-Young: "Everlasting Beauty"

This name represents a girl who is intelligent, quick-witted, and has a radiant personality.

Soo-Min: "Bright and Clever"

It signifies a girl who is gentle, caring, and shows empathy towards others.

Eun-Ji: "Kind and Compassionate"

This name is associated with purity and innocence, reflecting a girl with a pure heart and gentle nature.

Na-Ri: "Lily"

It symbolizes a girl who is pure and beautiful, rising above challenges with grace and resilience.

Yeon-Hwa: "Lotus Flower"

This name represents a girl who possesses both intelligence and physical attractiveness.

Ji-Hye: "Wisdom and Beauty"

It signifies a girl who is precious and cherished, bringing love and joy to those around her.

Ae-Ri: "Love, Beautiful Pearl"

This name reflects a girl who is not only intellectually sharp but also possesses a charming and lively personality.

 Min-Ji: "Quick and Clever Intellect"

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