Best Edible Flowers

These vibrant flowers have a peppery taste. Nasturtiums come in various colors and are often used in salads.


Also known as marigolds, calendula petals have a slightly tangy flavor. Its petals add color to salads and soups.


Known for its calming properties, chamomile flowers have a mild, apple-like flavor. They are commonly used to make a soothing tea.


Lavender flowers have a sweet and floral flavor. They are used to infuse desserts, teas, and savory dishes.


Rose petals have a sweet, floral taste. They are used to make rose water, jams, or as an edible garnish for desserts and salads.


Hibiscus flowers have a tart flavor, and are used to make herbal teas or as a colorful addition to salads and beverages.


Pansies have a mild, slightly grassy flavor. Use them for cake decorations, or add them to your cheese plate for a pop of color.


Dandelion flowers have a honey-like flavor. They can be used in salads, made into dandelion wine, or even fried as fritters.


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