Best Positive Energy Plants To Boost Your Mental Health

Planting indoor plants can  increase the beauty of your living space, and if you choose the right plant for your house or office setting.

Snake plant was one of few plants that were chosen by NASA for study on how plants can be used for air purification and to combat “sick building syndrome.”

Snake Plant

This Plant is also found to reduce the chances of headaches and boost your mental health. Peace Lily can grow in a low light location as well.

Peace Lily

Having a cactus plant in your work environment can increase productivity upto 12%.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. A study has also shown that even viewing a bamboo plant can bring physiological relaxation effects in individuals.

Bamboo Plant

The presence of this plant is likely to radiate positive vibes and cleanse negative ones- its leaves an effect of peacefulness and calmness can be felt on the mind.

Golden Pothos

Feng Shui enthusiasts support that this plant can calm the environment and bring down the stress level in the immediate environment.

Jade Plant

This plant bears gorgeous and subtle color flowers which will bring peace and tranquility in your life.

Morning Glory

The great antioxidant properties of this spiritual plant welcome positive vibes in the house by clearing the negative energy.


It is believed that aloe-vera absorbs negative vibes which can be seen in the form of brown spots on it.

Aloe Vera