Best K-dramas For Fashion Lovers

This drama follows the unconventional romance between a children's book author and a psychiatric hospital worker. It showcases unique and stylish outfits that reflect the characters' personalities and emotions.

It’s Okay to Not be Okay

Set in a hotel for ghosts, this fantasy romance features extravagant and elaborate costumes. The fashion ranges from historical-inspired outfits to modern high-fashion ensembles, creating a visually stunning experience.

Hotel Del Luna

A fantasy romance about an alien who has been living on Earth for centuries and a top actress. The drama features glamorous and high-end fashion, showcasing the actress's stunning wardrobe and stylish looks.

My Love From the Star

This romantic comedy revolves around a talented art curator who leads a double life as a dedicated fan of a K-pop idol. It showcases a range of fashionable outfits, from chic office attire to glamorous event dresses.

Her Private Life

This fantasy romance explores parallel universes and features a mix of modern and traditional fashion. The drama showcases a blend of elegant royal attire, modern formal wear, and trendy casual outfits.

The King: Eternal Monarch

A romantic comedy-drama about a South Korean heiress who crash-lands in North Korea. The drama presents a mix of fashionable looks, including military uniforms, winter attire, and high-end fashion.

Crash Landing on You

This drama tells the story of a determined young man who opens a bar-restaurant in Itaewon, a vibrant neighborhood in Seoul. It features a diverse range of characters with unique fashion styles, streetwear, and urban fashion trends.

Itaewon Class

A dark comedy crime drama follows a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer who gets involved in a battle against powerful conglomerates. The drama features a range of fashion styles, from tailored suits to chic casual wear.


This melodrama revolves around the lives of wealthy and privileged high school students. It showcases a mix of preppy, stylish, and fashionable outfits, reflecting the characters' affluent lifestyles.


A romantic comedy about a narcissistic vice chairman of a company and his long-time secretary. The drama showcases the secretary's fashionable office attire, stylish accessories, and chic outfits.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim

A modern retelling of the classic Cinderella story. It features a mix of fashionable looks, including elegant dresses, casual attire, and designer outfits.

Cinderella and the Four Knights