Best K-Dramas With A Serial Killer Storyline

Somebody follows app developer Kim Sum, who works with the connecting social app "Somebody," despite her own issues when it comes to interpersonal communication.

Somebody (2022)

Mysteriously able to move between parallel universes, Seo Do-Won's life changes after the woman he loves becomes the latest victim of a serial killer. 

Train (2020)

The main character, Dong Baek (Yoo Seung-Ho), has an interesting story; with the ability to read memories teams up with a profiler to catch a serial killer who has been on the loose.

Memorist (2020)

Unable to return home, Gwang-Ho travels through time from the 1980s to the present day to solve a series of murders committed by a serial killer.

Tunnel (2017)

Voice, a Korean drama, is often regarded as a popular crime K-drama. A team of detectives and call center employees to work together to track down a serial killer who targets women.

Voice (2017-2021)

Mouse is a Korean drama full of murder, intrigue, spine-chilling drama, and countless storyline twists.

Mouse (2021)

Suspicious Partner has moments of both comedy and romance between the main characters. A prosecutor and a lawyer who works with a trainee team on the case of a psychopathic murderer.

Suspicious Partner (2017)

A must-watch serial killer Korean drama, where a detective with contrasting personalities team up to solve a series of murders committed by a serial killer who seems to be one step ahead of them.

Less Than Evil (2018)

A mind-blowing Korean Drama where two detectives investigate a small town where a series of murders have occurred, but soon realize that the killer may be closer to them than they thought.

Beyond Evil (2021)

The best K-drama with a serial killer, where the detective's husband is suspected to be a serial killer, and she must decide whether to believe in his innocence or pursue the truth.

Flower Of Evil (2020)