Best Kitchen Plants to Brighten Up Your Day

Aloe vera likes bright light, also, it has anti-inflammatory properties that speed the healing of skin tissues.

Aloe Vera

These aromatic herbs are excellent choices for kitchen gardens. They are easy to grow and add flavor to your culinary creations.


English ivy works in pots, hanging baskets, and  it can adjust to low light.  Let it dry out before watering.

English Ivy

It’s a carefree plant, and tolerates low light, but only blooms in bright light

Peace Lily

Pothos make excellent hanging plants, so there is no need to waste valuable counter space!


If you have a bright sunny windowsill in your kitchen, succulents are a great option.


Spider plants are known for their air-purifying qualities. They give a lush and vibrant look to your kitchen.

Spider Plant

Snake Plant is incredibly resilient and requires minimal care. It is a great air purifier, and do well in bright to low-light conditions.

Snake Plant

Rubber plants have large, glossy leaves that add a bold statement to your kitchen space. 

Rubber Tree

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