Best Korean Dramas To Watch In 2023

 Korean Dramas have made a wave with their everlasting performances and romantic love stories.

Here we have listed the best Korean Dramas To Binge Watch In 2023. 

Oasis sets in a politically turbulent era that follows the story of two childhood friends who become rivals due to intense competition and a love triangle with a new transfer student.


Call It Love tells the story of Sim Woo-joo, who seeks revenge on her father's mistress by approaching her son, Han Dong-jin, leading to an unexpected turn of events as the two develop a bond.

Call It Love

Another much-loved K-drama of 2023 follows Hong Tae-ra as she uncovers her past and becomes Korea's first lady to protect her family and seek revenge against those responsible for her past trauma.

Pandora: Beneath The Paradise

The Korean drama "The Glory, Part 2" follows Moon Dong-eun's journey of seeking revenge on her former bullies, including Park Yeon-jin, who tormented her in high school. 

The Glory, Part 2

Delivery Man is a romantic comedy-fantasy drama that follows Seo Young-min, a taxi driver who can see ghosts. Along the way, he meets Kang Ji-Hyun, a female ghost with no memory of her mortal life.

Delivery Man

Our Blooming Youth is a Korean historical drama that follows Min Jae-yi, a young lady accused of murdering her family members, and crown prince Lee Hwan, suffering from a curse. As they agree to help each other, they develop a budding romance.

Our Blooming Youth

Agency is a compelling K-drama that follows the journey of Go A-in (Lee) as she strives to become the first female executive of her advertising agency, highlighting the challenges of office politics and social class differences.


Nam Haeng-Sun (Jeon) and Choi Chi-yeol (Jung) have opposite personalities as they enter the private education sector; they find themselves drawn to each other as they navigate their personal lives, making thie genie a popular K-drama of 2023.

Crash Course in Romance

In Love To Hate You, Yeo Mi-ran (Kim) and Nam Gang-Ho (Yoo) gradually fall in love despite their initial reluctance and trust issues, and they struggle to reconcile their feelings with their careers and personal beliefs.

Love To Hate You

Divorce Attorney Shin follows the story of Shin Sung-Han (Cho), a music professor turned expert divorce lawyer in South Korea, as he helps eccentric clients in their pursuit of justice and navigates his own personal motives for returning to his home country.

Divorce Attorney Shin