Best Medical K-dramas To Watch on Netflix

This heartwarming series follows the lives of five doctors who have been friends since medical school.

Hospital Playlist

This K-drama follows the story of a brilliant but eccentric surgeon who mentors two young doctors.

Dr. Romantic

A talented surgeon who grew up in North Korea finds himself in a South Korean hospital.

Doctor Stranger

Dr. Kim, a brilliant surgeon, mentors two young doctors, revealing the harsh realities of the medical world.

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

A young autistic savant with extraordinary medical skills joins the surgical department of a prestigious hospital. 

Good Doctor

"Life" follows the power struggles and ethical dilemmas faced by doctors, administrators, and patients.


A divorced couple, both medical professionals, coincidentally meet as interns in the same hospital. 

Emergency Couple

This series follows the medical team aboard a hospital ship providing healthcare to remote islands

Hospital Ship

Best Medical K-dramas To Watch on Netflix