Best Office Romance K-drama To Binge Watch

A heartwarming series centered around a weather forecaster and a part-time worker at the weather forecast office.

Forecasting Love and Weather

A passionate romance between a hotel heir and a nutritionist, whose one-night stand from the past comes back to complicate their present-day lives

My Secret Romance

A CEO with social anxiety, crosses paths with a cheerful woman who joins his company, leading to a transformative journey of romance.

My Shy Boss

A popular actress, trying to reclaim her career, takes on a secretary role at a law firm, where she works closely with a lawyer, leading to humorous and heartwarming moments.

Touch Your Heart

A quirky art curator hides her fangirl obsession behind a professional facade. When she meets the new art director at her gallery, their shared passions.

Her Private Life

A heartwarming story of a woman who lies about her background to secure a job in a publishing company and her interactions with her supportive and kind-hearted colleague.

Romance is a Bonus Book

The narcissistic vice president of a company tries to keep his competent secretary from resigning, leading to comedic misunderstandings

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

While not entirely an office drama, this series follows a young woman with superhuman strength who becomes a bodyguard to a CEO.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

A heartwarming drama where a food researcher goes on a blind date with her CEO in disguise, but things get complicated when they start to fall for each other.

Business Proposal

Romantic K-Dramas You Absolutely Love