10 Slang Words From The '90s Every Kid Can Relate

For millennials, '90s nostalgia is strong and phrases stemmed from the lovable movies of the era like Clueless, gave us the snarky "as, if!" and the relatable "I'm totally buggin'!"

Hare are the some 90's slang words that should come back like the 90's fashion is coming.

The next time you'd like to exit a party, announce to your friends that you wanna bounce.

"Let's Bounce"

Some people still say "oh, snap!", and this phrase definitely deserves a bigger comeback.

"Oh, Snap!"

go ahead and impress everyone with your '90s knowledge by calling it phat.

"That's Phat"

Shiny things still exist, and this word should, too.


Get popular by the movie Clueless, means you're freaking out or flipping out.

"I'm Totally Buggin'"

Okay, this  is  '90s way of saying they need to calm down and relax.

"Take A Chill Pill"

Someone is saying something that's entirely obvious. 

"No Duh"

This is the best 90's slang-  "talk to the hand."  

"Talk To The Hand"

Whenever you make a mistake, go full '90s and say "my bad!"

"My Bad"

Something is really fabulous then it's obviously "da bomb," according to everyone in the '90s.

"Da Bomb"