Best Solo Songs By BTS’ V

Here we have listed BTS V's best heartwarming solo songs to keep you warm and cozy.

 Solo Songs By BTS’ V

A soulful ballad written and composed by V for the Korean drama "Itaewon Class."

"Sweet Night"

A neo-soul track with haunting vocals and smooth grooves, released as part of BTS' album "Love Yourself: Tear."


A dreamy and nostalgic track with V's soothing vocals and lyrics that reflect on the beauty of nature.

Winter Bear

A reflective and emotional song with V's delicate vocals and poetic lyrics that explore the beauty of everyday life.


A hopeful and uplifting song that encourages listeners to embrace their inner child and stay true to their dreams.

Inner Child

A powerful and emotional track with V's soulful vocals and lyrics that touch on themes of pain, betrayal, and redemption.


The song features V's soothing vocals accompanied by a mellow melody and heartfelt lyrics

Snow Flower

The song is a treat for BTS fans who love V's solo music and are looking for a cheerful and uplifting holiday tune.

Christmas Tree

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