BLACK PINK Lisa Motivational Quotes

Lisa is known for her exceptional dancing skills, captivating stage presence, and unique fashion sense. Here we have listed her most motivational quotes.

Lisa Motivational Quotes

"There is nothing scary about naturally talented people, hardworking people are the ones to be afraid of."

"Never give up on your dreams, no matter how painful and difficult your journey is."

"I think there will be good results if you believe in yourself and work hard. Cheer up, we’re rooting for you guys."

"What I would like to say is make sure you know what you really want to do and do it. And also I want to say, if not now then when?"

"“It doesn’t matter if we grow old and get replaced by a new younger generation as long as there is still someone talking about us because they will still remember how we shone so bright.”"

"We all tried rapping, we all tried singing, we all tried different kinds of styles and performances, so we naturally found our perfect spot."

"For those who aspire to become K-pop artists, I’d like to say ‘Have confidence and love yourself.’"

"You should be afraid of people who work harder than you."

"Being home for the holidays is one of my happiest memories."

"Even when the four seasons change, I don’t."

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