BLACKPINK Best Songs To Listen Now

A high-energy, trap-influenced track that showcases BLACKPINK's fierce and confident attitude.


A powerful, hard-hitting track with an addictive chorus and impressive vocal performances.

Kill This Love

A catchy, upbeat track with a strong beat and infectious melody.

How You Like That

A bold, dynamic track that blends elements of hip-hop and EDM and features rap verses and impressive vocals.


A poignant, emotional track that explores the pain of heartbreak and the longing for love, with a catchy chorus and memorable melody.

Lovesick Girls

A moody, atmospheric track that showcases BLACKPINK's vocal abilities and explores the risks and rewards of love.

Playing with Fire

A lively, colorful track with a bright, catchy melody and upbeat rhythm.

As If It's Your Last

A sleek, sultry track that mixes elements of pop, hip-hop, and R&B and showcases BLACKPINK's unique sound.


An emotional ballad that explores the pain of letting go of a loved one, with poignant vocals and a simple, acoustic arrangement.


A upbeat track that encourages listeners to embrace life and enjoy the moment, with an infectious melody and memorable chorus.

Forever Young