Bridal Lehenga As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Aries bride you need a lehenga that showcases your ambitious persona and the inner goddess, so a white lehenga is perfect for you!


The passion and dedication of a lovely Taureans bride can be matched with a red lehenga.


Gemini ladies can handle all the tasks single-handedly, the best colour for your Bridal Lehenga is yellow which signifies happiness.


Cancerian women are the most sensitive and caring, your dream lehenga is to be vibrant yet serene colour, turquoise blue.

Cancer-Turquoise blue

With the lioness in you, the only colour that can match your charismatic self is the sparkling and glittery golden.


As the perfectionist you are, and the love for simplicity, jade green is a colour that suit you significantly.

Virgo-Jade green

Libra women love the equilibrium of physical and emotional life, so the colour that suits you the most is orange.

Libra- Orange

Known as one of the most mystical zodiac signs, Scorpio women opt for blue lehenga as it represents confidence and wisdom.


Sagittarius ladies are pretty up-straight, their charm looks the best if paired with the royal colour purple. 


Workaholic Capricorn ladies, if there is one color that suits your ambitions nature is deep shades of green. 

Capricorn-Shades of green

Aquarius brides look for something refreshing hence a dark hue of red will match the purity of your nature.

Aquarius- Red

Pieces brides is a piece of art, and your courageous attitude can be highlighted only with the green colour. 

Pisces- Green