BTS V Best Solo Songs To Listen

Kim Taehyung, popularly known as V, is a member of the globally renowned South Korean boy band BTS

V is known for his unique vocal tone, charming personality, and impressive skills as a singer, songwriter, and performer.

V's talent and artistry have helped BTS achieve massive success, with numerous accolades and achievements to their name.

Here we have listed the BTS' V best solo songs that make you groove.

BTS V Best Solo Songs

Singularity is BTS' V's one of the best tracks, the song is based on the book The Singularity is Near written by Ray Kurzweil.

Singularity (2018)

In an interview, V revealed that this song is inspired by a scene from About Time, which is one of his favorite films.

Winter Bear (2019)

Sweet Night is beautifully written, and is one of the most heartwarming OSTs to ever release.

Sweet Night (2020)

Inner Child is an ode from V to his younger self, who encountered multiple hardships as a young member of the K-pop industry.

Inner Child (2020)

The song was released on the group's album "Wings" in 2016. The lyrics of "Stigma" tell a story of pain, loneliness, and emotional turmoil.

Stigma (2016)