Dakota Johnson Beauty Secrets

The beauty icon Dakota is famous for her stunning red carpet-looks, movie performances, and, of course, stylish off-duty looks.

Another thing that captivates fans is her flawless glowing skin; here we are revealing Dakota's beauty secrets. 

For Dakota, quality is better than quantity; she said, "I truly have the simplest routine: I wash my face in the morning and at night, then moisturize; during the day, I add sunscreen," Johnson shared with Glamour."

Be consistent with your skin regimen

 Dakota believes "facial massage can help improve your skin while relaxing your facial muscles, helping you look and feel better."

Skin prep is essential

Dakota relies on natural beauty; she said, "I don’t really wear makeup if I don’t have to,” Johnson told Glamour. “

Avoid makeup on daily routine

Dakota prefers to apply coconut oil as a face moisturizer and body lotion on cold days to keep the skin subtle and glowy. She said "it is an ideal food for your skin."

Oiling to skin

She said, "not every time you have to invest a big amount on skincare; sometimes inexpensive items also work best." For example,  oils are a gem to the skin in winter.

Inexpensive drugs are best

Healthy skin starts with good exercise; Dakota prefers to go for short 30-minute runs just two to three times each week, as this helps her to stay lean and kickstarts the metabolism.

Exercise, yoga be regular with that

Dakota's go-to beauty product is mascara; she said, "Hedren was watching me put my mascara on and told me that if you hold the mirror down low and put the mascara on while looking downward, you will get the most coverage. And, of course, she’s right!”

Put on some mascara and you are good to go

In an interview with Glamour, she said "Really, I’m addicted to eye drops…. I just love the feeling of them in my eyes. It’s glorious.""

Eye drops are important

"I love that perfume can take you back to someplace immediately. I prefer floral scents to ones that are musky", the actress told in a interview

Invest in a good Perfume