7 Things Dakota Johnson Never Wears

Dakota is a fashion girl;  known for her timeless gowns and classic fashion sense.

The actress often wore versatile and elegant styles to make a fashion statement.

Her major preference is neutral colors, such as white and beige, which add timelessness to her outfits.

We have listed the fashion items which she never wears and what she's wearing instead!

Dakota Johnson Never Wears These Things

The actress prefers comfortable leggings when she's off duty, pairing them with cool sneakers.

She Never Wears- Track Pants

Dakota never follows the bralette trend. Instead, she opts for polished button-down shirts.

She Never Wears- Bralettes

The fashion queen prefers her tried-and-true favorite flats, mules, and loafers.

She Never Wears- Espadrilles

Dakota is the kind of girl who prefers leather jackets to add a touch of edge to her look.

She Never Wears-Trench Coats

She loves sticking to her - It Bags and Classic Designer Bags. 

She Never Wears- Straw Bags

She is more into straight-leg vintage-inspired jeans than skirts. 

She Never Wears-Denim Skirts

Dakota always stepped out with her favorite pair of sunglasses. 

She Never Wears-Baseball Caps