Deepika Padukone Most Inspiring Quotes

Deepika Padukone is a fashion icon, a mesmerizing beauty, and the new brand ambassador of Cartier; she is a true epitome of grace.

Here we are listing some of the best inspiring quotes by Deepika that may inspire you in real life.

“I meditate. I breathe out what I can’t control and focus on the positives.”

“I am a big foodie, so much so that I eat every half an hour. This is the secret of my glowing skin.”

“The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest.”

“I’m a strong believer in the fact that women are born to multi-task. God has made us like that.”

“I think the challenge is to keep working harder and doing better.”

“Maybe because I am from a sports background, I don’t give up easily. I am a fighter.”

“Preparation is definitely important, but it depends on the kinds of roles I do.”

“You need to feel like you’re wearing the clothes, and they’re not wearing you.”

“I believe chemistry is based on the trust between two performers.”

“I am methodical to the point of being obsessive-compulsive. And I have always been good at multi-tasking.”

“My parents have been very supportive, in fact, it was my mother who identified that what I was going through was actually depression.”

“I need to be loved, I need to be nurtured, I also need peace and stability in my relationships. I can’t be in volatile relationships.”


“Loyalty is a very important factor for me, and I need to be in a relationship where the person will complete me and fill me up.”

“I’ll only move in with my husband. There’s no question of a live-in relationship.”