Dresses To Steal From Kate Middleton Closet

Kate stepped out in beautiful head-to-toe blue attire and left us mesmerized.

Subtle blue

Kate aces the temperature in a sexy black dress paired with a perfect blow-dry. 

That black dress

Kate donned a royal shimmer grey dress and stole all our hearts. 

Shimmer queen

She looks effortlessly beautiful in a red dress paired with her evergreen smile. 

Red beauty

Princess of Wales turned heads in a stunning green polka-dot dress paired with pearl earrings. 

Polka dot

Kate is all-glowing in a multicolour dress, accessorized with cool sunglasses. 

Maxi dress

Princess of Wales caught all our hearts in an exquisite lavender gown, keeping makeup subtle. 

Lavender gown

Kate shines in a yellow dress paired with blue heels and a matching clutch. 

Yellow dress

Princess of Wales looks the prettiest in a green floral dress adorned with her beautiful smile. 

Floral dress

Kate dazzled in a sophisticated white dress featuring blooms at the bottom. 

White dress

Kate wore a beautiful polka-dot dress to Wimbledon and caught everyone's attention.

Polka Picture-Perfect