Fashion Lessons To Learn from Zendaya

Zendaya redefines what it means to be fashionable, comfortable and ultimately your best self.

Zendaya teaches us that the fear of “standing out” is not a good enough reason to hide yourself. If there’s something bold about you embrace it and flaunt it.

Be bold

Zendaya is a trendsetter; she created the styles of the future. 

Don’t Wait for Trends

She doesn’t stick to just one style; she tries: the quiet type, the cool type, the girly type,  she loves them all.

Don’t define your style

She teaches us that you have to dress to your maximum comfort level, no matter what that is.

Be Comfortable

You have to embrace everything about yourself and dress that to impress.

Embrace Yourself

As Zendaya says, “don’t try so hard to fit in, and certainly don’t try so hard to be different… just try hard to be you.”