Romantic Flowers That are  Emblem of Love

Each flower represent different romantic connotations.

Some represent love, trust, purity, innocence, gratitude, wisdom, etc. While other express humbleness, faith and trust. 

Here we have listed five most romantic flowers that represent true essence of love.

 Red roses represent true love, whereas other hues like pink, orange, white, etc. give the loving feelings of admiration & desire.


These flowers represent cheerfulness & innocence. A beautiful bouquet of red daisies symbolizes the love & desire in the relationship

Gerbera Daisies

These flowers are also perfect for giving as a gift to your partner on the first marriage anniversary as these flowers are also known as the first wedding anniversary flowers.


These beauties are available in a rainbow of colors, and they also have a great association with love. Also, the red tulips represent the perfect love.


A stunning bouquet of the blue iris is the perfect flower arrangement to convey your dear ones’ deepest emotions.

Blue Iris