Coloured Gemstones To Wear According To Your Zodiac Signs

People born under the sign of Aries are required to wear red coral because coral is the gemstone for Mars.

Aries- Red Coral

Venus's birthstone is diamond; Taurus natives should don a diamond pendant as a sign of homage to their ruling planet.

Taurus- Diamond

Emerald is Mercury's birthstone, and those who wear it, such as panna, will benefit greatly from its healing properties.

Gemini - Emerald

This planet is highly emotional, which is why 'Pearls' can help alleviate that stress.

Cancer - Pearl

People born under the sign of Leo have a built-in tendency to be the centre of attention in any and all of their interpersonal relationships.

Leo - Ruby

Virgo to be empathetic, these people expend a great deal of mental energy that can be replenished with emerald.

Virgo- Emerald

The gemstone of Venus, i.e. diamond (Heera) or white topaz must be worn by them to improve their inventiveness and save them from emotional stress.

Libra - Diamond

Mars controls the individuals born in the zodiac sign- Scorpio. It is advisable for them to wear red coral.

Scorpio- Red coral

The gemstone of Jupiter is yellow sapphire i.e., Pukhraj which improves their ability to attain their ambitions.

Sagittarius - Yellow sapphire

Wearing a blue sapphire/ iolite will help them realize their genuine needs and work in view of that.

Capricorn- Blue sapphire

They get emotionally disturbed very fast. To gain emotional energy these people should wear blue sapphire/iolite.

Aquarius- iolite

A good yellow sapphire, i.e., pukhraj ropes their material and spiritual desires and provides them a sentiment of self-actualization.

Pisces- Yellow sapphire