Hailey Bieber Looks Cool in an Oversized Coat

Hailey looks super luxurious in gowns, chic in off-duty looks and classy in monochrome outfits. Every time she stepped out, she made a fashion statement.

Recently the model was spotted in an effortlessly cool look; she paired the oversized double-breasted beige coat with a gray knit sweater and. blue jeans.

The model finishes the look with a blue bag and wears a matching hat. 

When asked about her inspiration for fashion choices, Hailey said: "she looks up to another fashion icon who was also known for making sweats and baseball caps look luxe: the late Princess Diana.'

She got inspired by the beautiful late Princess Diana's elegant and rich fashion choices.

Hailey has also pulled this oversized blazer many times before. 

She looks super cool in this oversized red blazer paired with matching pants, a white hoodie, and sunglasses to complete the look.

Hailey nailed this chic look; she looks classy in this off-white monochrome outfit paired with a high bun and casual sneakers.