Hairstyles To Copy From Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon is the queen of hair, she  knows how to manage simple yet stylish hairstyles that everyone can try for sure, especially on their lazy days.

Have a look at the best hairstyles of Kriti Sanon to date that you can follow to match with nearly every outfit style of yours.

Kriti posted an IGTV video on her Instagram saying, ‘Have never ever gone this short! I love it’.

Short Hair

Do you like this hairstyle? Just tie your hair with a loose knot and wear your favorite headband.

Headband Hair Style

This hairstyle is very simple and can fit almost any of your outfit.

Twisted Side Swept Hair Style

Make this chignon ponytail by making a simple loop between bun and ponytail. 

Chignon Ponytail Style

If you are looking for some change in your hairstyle, try this side parting hairstyle of Kriti Sanon.

Side Parting Hair Style

All you need to do is to make a bun and pull out some sprigs of hair. This hairdo is best for summers too.

Messy Side Braid Style

If you too cannot imagine your style without a bit of craziness, then this is the haircut just meant for you.

French Braid Look