Hairstyles To Copy From Kareena Kapoor Khan

From red-carpet fashion moments to trendy movie style to messy bun hair, Kareena Kapoor Khan is a shining diva. 

Here we have rounded up Kareena' killing classy and beautiful hairstyles. 

This hairdo is perfect if you have zero time on your hands. You could do the same with your straightener. 

Side Parting

Kareena pulled off an elegant bun look; this hairstyle highlights the nape of your neck and looks beautiful.

Low bun

Using a tail comb, you can pull off a few strands to frame for your face, this hairstyle is perfect for your date-nights.

Loose ponytail

The hottest hair trend is wet hair. To get this look, you need to use a little bit of hair gel. Apply it to the roots and brush it back, and Ta, da!!

Wet hair

No doubt, go for the messy hair look. All you need to do is apply some texturising spray, and you are good to go.

Messy hair

For a sleek and elegant look, this hairstyle of Kareena is simply oh-so-chic.

Straight hair

Kareena looks fresh by sporting a strand that’s been twisted to create an element of hair bijoux.

Side Twisted Braid

A good blow dry is all you need- it adds shine, creates volume.

Blow Dry

One of its best hairstyles of Kareena, sophisticated and elegant- just scrunch your super long hair and create drama.

Light Curls