Hairstyles to Copy From Selena Gomez

Selena can pull *anything* off, from bold fashion choices to experimenting with hair colours; she is a true style diva

She's the ultimate source of some hair inspiration. Here are all the most fabulous hairstyles she's worn throughout the years.

This hair updo is perfect for showing off your new dimensional color look. Selena Gomez looks absolutely ethereal in this hair look.

Brown Dimensional Updo

Selena slays the boss lady look! To recreate this look, apply a generous amount of gel to your hair and comb it back.

Sleek Bun

 Selena surprised all of us when she colored her beautiful locks blonde.

Platinum Blonde With Dark Roots

Selena shows us that simple hairstyles don’t have to look drab. Use your parting to your advantage!

Low Ponytail

One of the best hairstyles to copy is a half updo. The messy half updo is great for both casual outings and formal shindigs. 

Messy Half Updo

Selena looks elegant and simply gorgeous in this twisted hairstyle. This elegant knotted updo gave her up-do a super trendy twist.

Twisted Knot

Selena’s coolest look of all time.  This is how you can pull off the wet hair look. Screenshot it. 

Wet Volume Bob

Classy and trendy hairstyle to copy from Selena. Remember, the bigger the curling iron, the looser the waves.

Wavy Bob

Selena just took her to look to the extreme; braiding the mohawk section of your hair can make you look edgy and cool.

Center Braid