How Would Each Zodiac Sign Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Aries are intuitive, so they would be the first to discover that there will be a zombie apocalypse and learn how to kill them. 


Taurus probably hide on a farm with a lot of food storage; they will try to avoid fighting with the zombies. 


Gemini are the brains behind how mankind will live in the future, so they will learn how to kill zombies. 


Cancerians are the best caregivers and cooks in astrology, so they will keep everyone well-fed and alive. 


Leos would find a castle to hide out, probably on a mountain that zombies can't reach. 


Aquarius wil hides in a lab somewhere, trying to find a vaccine to kill the zombie virus and save the human race.


Virgo wants to serve humanity, so they will help Aquarius to find the antidote to survive. 


Libras would not survive on their own; they needed to pair up with Aries to get to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Scorpios would’ve already seen the zombie apocalypse coming and prepared themselves the best to survive.


Sagittarius is the hunter, so they will go out with Aries to kill the zombies.


Capricorns will be the leaders. They would be the ones planning and executing how the new world will work. 


Pisces are like Libra; they will need someone's help to survive because they can't fight on their own.