How Mrunal Thakur Maintains Her Figure

Mrunal Thakur is an amazing South Indian actress who mesmerized us with her role in Sita Raman. 

She is known for her fit and toned physique. Here are some of the ways she maintains her figure:

Mrunal is a foodie who loves to try different cuisines. She is fond of chakli, desserts and of course, coffee.


The actress prefers to eat wholesome, home-cooked meals, such as grilled chicken or fish with vegetables and brown rice.

What she eats?

She practices mindful eating, which means she eats slowly, pays attention to her food and savors each bite. 

Mindful Eating

She workout regularly, which includes strength training, cardio, and yoga, to build strength and endurance.

The secret to slim figure

She is conscious of what she eats and follows a balanced diet, rich in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. 

Healthy Diet

Mrunal avoids processed foods and junk food, as they are often high in carbohydrates, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

Food she avoids

Stress leads to overeating and weight gain; she manages her stress levels through meditation, deep breathing, and yoga.

Live stress free

Maintaining a fit and toned physique requires consistent effort and dedication. The actress prioritizes fitness and healthy eating in her daily routine.

Consistency is key