8 Ways To Style Button-Down Shirt 

By rolling up the sleeves, channel your inner diva and give your button-down shirt a laid-back look.

Roll up the sleeves for a casual vibe

For a sleek, polished look, tuck your button-down shirt into your jeans. This gives you a more structured silhouette. 

Tuck in the shirt for a polished look

This wardrobe staple instantly elevates the outfit, making it perfect for dressier occasions.

Add a blazer for a formal touch

Add a sweater on top of your button-down shirt for a cozy, layered look. 

Layer with a sweater for a cozy look

Show off your personality by incorporating a statement belt into your outfit; it is a great way to tie the whole look together.

Try a statement belt

Try a denim-on-denim look by pairing your button-down shirt with a denim jacket or vest to show off your daring style.

Go for a denim-on-denim

Whether it's a plaid scarf or a striped hat, patterned accessories add visual interest to the outfit.

Add some pattern with accessories

Such as loafers, boots, or sneakers, find the perfect pair to complete your button-down shirt and jeans outfit.

 Experiment with different shoe styles