8 Ways To Wear Pink And Red Together

Wearing pink and red together can be incredibly elegant and beautiful, as red is the most alive and powerful color on the spectrum, while bright pink holds strength and energy.

Here we have listed the eight ways to wear pink and red, to look sophisticated and polished.

Wear a pink top and red pants, or vice versa, to create a bold, monochromatic look.

Color-blocked outfit

Add a pop of pink to your red outfit with a pink hat, purse, shoes, or jewelry.


Combine a pink and red patterned top or skirt for a playful and trendy look.

Pattern mixing

Create a gradient effect by wearing a deep red top and a light pink skirt or vice versa.

Gradient effect

Layer a pink shirt under a red sweater, or wear a red blazer over a pink dress for a chic and sophisticated look.


Choose attire with a bold print that incorporates both pink and red, such as florals or abstract patterns.

Bold prints

Create an ombré effect by wearing attire that gradually transitions from pink to red.

Ombré effect

If you're not ready for a bold color combination, start small by pairing a light pink top with a deep red skirt, or a deep pink blouse with a pale pink scarf.

Tone it down