The Best Ice Cream To Have According To Your Zodiac Sign

Will you be a nostalgic hot fudge sundae or a seductive scoop of salted caramel? Let's stars decide which ice cream flavor you should have.

Known as the warrior of the zodiac, Aries won't let anything come in their way of winning, for them Rocky Road will be a delicious blend of chocolate ice cream, marshmallows, and nuts.

Aries: Rocky Road

Their palate is refined like no other sign. The blend of vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough will send their taste buds into ecstasy.

Taurus: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Every day is a celebration in the life of a lovely Gemini, which is why [birthday cake] is the ultimate ice cream flavor for this party animal.

Gemini: Birthday Cake

Fruit-flavored ice cream reminiscent of your favorite childhood popsicle is the best of both worlds.

Cancer: Mango

Only Leo can turn a basic flavor into a delicious sweet dream. A sundae with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top.

Leo: Hot Fudge Sundae

Much like the earthy zodiac sign, cookies and cream has the same reputation amongst the ice cream flavors.

Virgo: Cookies and Cream

Neapolitan ice cream, making the balanced air sign tilt their scales for a second helping of all three flavors.

Libra: Neapolitan

Mint chocolate chip awakens the senses and helps freshen up our palate, just like your personality.

Scorpio: Mint Chocolate Chip

Moose Tracks has many different blended ingredients that will add pep to their lust for different insights.

Sagittarius: Moose Tracks

A cone with strawberry ice cream fits the bill and will awaken your taste buds with a "sweet peppy zest."

Capricorn: Strawberry

You love standing out from the crowd,. The unique color of pistachio— will flip for the eclectic mix of this nutty treat.

Aquarius: Pistachio

Pisces' nostalgic nature "will be drawn to salted caramel because the salty element will remind them of the seas and oceans.

Pisces: Salted Caramel