Iconic Quotes from 'Vincenzo' That Fans Love

"Smart people may rule the world, but reckless and stubborn people like me protect it." —Hong Yoo Chan

"Don't let their social status intimidate you. Be strong and act like you're their equal." —Vincenzo

"All this time we thought we were weak.  But we weren't weak. We just didn't try to be strong." —Vincenzo

"Regret is the most painful thing in life." —Vincenzo

"If you walk alone, you reach quickly. But if we go together, we can go far." —Kwak Hee Soo

"Your best source of protection isn't a gun or a sword. It's your brain. Don't forget that." —Vincenzo

"Do you know how much I love you? That makes me human. But to me, my principles come before love." —Jang Han Seok

"Friends are like two souls in one body. Don't get hurt since it will hurt me, too."  —Hong Cha Young

"Life isn't always rosy for everyone. No matter how hard you try, you rarely get your way." —Oh Gyeong Ja

"Do you how you can tell when someone's evil? It's when they stop feeling ashamed."  —Vincenzo

"A chance is reserved only for those who are worthy." —Jang Jun Woo

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