Inspirational Kendall Jenner Quotes to Live By

“Don’t judge someone’s attitude until you’ve felt their pain.”

“I think everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

“Someone who wants to be with you, WILL be with you. End of story.”

“I hate when people are chomping their gum, even though I do it. I hate that.”

“I think mascara is a must. If I’m going to wear makeup somewhere, and I’m doing it, it’s usually really simple – it’s just mascara and maybe a tiny bit of eyeshadow, but that’s it.”

"I don't chase, I attract. What's meant for me, will simply find me" 

“I’m the fastest walker, and everyone makes fun of me for it.”

“My dream jobs would be Italian ‘Vogue’ and anything with Chanel!”

“My ideal prom date would have to be cute, funny, sweet, nice.”

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