Interesting Short K-dramas To Binge Watch

In this drama, seemingly ordinary individuals cross paths and their lives become intertwined following a fateful incident.

One Ordinary Day – 8 Episodes

This heartwarming series follows a single father who fights for custody of his child

Legally, Dad – 6 Episodes

Set in a future where Earth is facing a severe water shortage, this sci-fi thriller follows a group of astronauts who embark on a dangerous mission to a research station on the Moon

The Silent Sea – 8 Episodes

In this suspenseful drama, desperate individuals participate in a mysterious survival game with a massive cash prize at stake

Squid Game– 9 Episodes

This romantic comedy centers around a man who accidentally gains the ability to read women's minds after a magical encounter.

Kissable Lips – 8 Episodes

The drama follows the intense cat-and-mouse chase and the psychological games between the detective and the killer.

The Killer's Shopping List–  8 Episodes

This fantasy romance tells the story of a vampire who falls in love with a human girl.

Vampire Flower– 6 Episodes

This modern romance follows the relationship between a woman who doesn't believe in love but craves a physical connection and a man who is determined to win her heart.

Nevertheless – 10 Episodes

Based on a popular webtoon, this thrilling series takes place in an apartment building where the residents transform into monsters.

Sweet Home– 10 Episodes

In this drama, two childhood friends who grew apart due to unfortunate circumstances reunite as adults.

Long Time No See– 5 Episodes

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