Iris Apfel Best Quotes On Fashion

One can literally write a book on her. Such a wonderful woman she is. Here are some inspiring of Iris Apfel that every woman should live by.

“More is more and less is a bore.”

“Technology is a wonderful thing, but I think it’s violently misused.”

“My look is either very baroque or very Zen – everything in between makes me itch.”

“You don’t find out who you are unless you work at it.”

“Nobody is original anymore. Nobody has any original style.”

“I am not a fashionista, and I don’t dress up. Usually, if I’m at home, where I am now, I’m wearing a robe.”

“I still have the dress I wore on the first date with my husband, which was more than 66 years ago. I still have it, and it still fits.

“Shock can kill you. Shock is terrible. But what you’ve got to do is life in the present, which is what I have always done.”

“I don’t expect to find inspiration. It just sort of comes. Sometimes you step on a bug and you get inspired.”

“You can be born with the talent to be an opera star, but you’ve got to work and practice it.”