Jonas Brothers prioritize mental health on new album and tour

Jonas Brothers are releasing their sixth studio album, "The Album", and embarking on a U.S. tour in August.

They are still seeking the feeling of excitement and butterflies before performing.

They will kick off their tour at Yankee Stadium, which holds a special meaning for them.

All three band members now have young families, which means they prioritize returning home after touring.

Family First

Despite this, they are treating the upcoming tour as their best and most exciting one yet.

Most Exciting

The band's physical and mental health is a priority for them, and they are being careful to avoid burnout.

Health Priority

Prioritizing communication for self-care and fun after experiencing burnout in the past.

Burnout Prevention

Jonas Brothers bond on tour, seeing it as family time.

Family Touring

The Jonas Brothers continue to prioritize their happiness and enjoyment in their work.

Happiness Pursuit