Song Joong-ki Best K-dramas & Movies To Binge Watch

This melodramatic K-drama follows the story of a young man who is wrongfully accused of a crime and seeks revenge against those who framed him.

The Innocent Man

Set in a futuristic world, this sci-fi film revolves around a crew of misfits aboard a spaceship who stumble upon a dangerous conspiracy while salvaging space debris.

Space Sweepers

In this historical drama, Song Joong-ki plays the young version of King Sejong, the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty, who invents the Korean alphabet

Deep Rooted Tree

Inspired by true events, this war film portrays the hardships faced by Korean forced laborers during Japan's occupation of Korea in World War II.

The Battleship Island

This adaptation of the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott features Song Joong-ki in the role of Professor Friedrich Bhaer, a love interest of one of the March sisters.

Little Women

In this dark comedy-drama series, Song Joong-ki plays an Italian-Korean mafia lawyer who becomes entangled in a battle against powerful conglomerates while seeking justice.


This romantic fantasy film tells the story of a feral boy with supernatural abilities who forms a deep bond with a girl, played by Park Bo-young.

A Werewolf Boy

This drama series follows the lives of wealthy individuals who try to keep their secrets hidden while seeking revenge in the high-stakes world of chaebols

Reborn Rich

In this blockbuster K-drama, Song Joong-ki plays a military captain who falls in love with a doctor, portrayed by Song Hye-kyo, while working together in a war-torn country.

Descendants of the Sun

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