Karisma Kapoor Best Fitness Secrets 

Karisma is one of the fittest actors in Bollywood, known for her flawless skin and fashion statements; she has stolen our hearts many times.

Here we are listing Karisma's best fitness secrets, which you can also indulge in your lifestyle

The actress includes cardio exercises like running, cycling and swimming in her fitness routine to keep her heart healthy and maintain good metabolism.


Karishma is a fan of yoga and performs it daily to promote overall well-being.


Karisma enjoys Pilates, which she incorporates into her routine to improve her core strength, flexibility and posture.


The actress loves hiking, trekking and  rock climbing to keep herself fit and active.

Outdoor activities

She follows a balanced diet, including a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to ensure her body gets enough nutrients and vitamins.

Follow a Balanced diet

Karisma practice meditation and mindfulness to stay calm and focused, which also helps her maintain a positive attitude.


The actress is known to be a good dancer and has been performing dancing as a form of workout to keep herself fit.


 Karisma is very much consistent with her fitness routine and ensures regular exercise, regardless of her busy schedule.

Consistency is KEY