Kate Middleton 10 Best Hairstyles  Ever

Let's take a moment and admire all the head-turning hair moments of Kate Middleton. 

One of the evergreen hairstyles of Kate; this subtle curls with a perfect blow-dry is perfect for 9 to 5. 

Business Casual

An elegant low bun accessorised with a hat and flower is a Kate thing; it's polished and admirable. 

Flower with the Hat

Learn from Kate how to rock a headband hair-do; she wore head-to-toe matching attire and looked effortlessly chic.

A headband

Kate pulled back all her hair and tied up a high ponytail, a simple and classy hairstyle, to do. 

High ponytail

Kate looks sophisticated in a red shimmer gown paired with luscious straight strands. 

Straight to the point

Princess of Wales is known for her fancy updos, and the one with royal Tiaras catches all the attention. 


Kate loves a chignon, and this hairstyle can be done by bringing two braids together from the sides and set over a netted low bun.

Bun With Braided Band

Kate rocks the low ponytail hair-do by looping some real hair around the base and teasing the back for added volume.

Sleek ponytail

Kate looks mesmerising in a green gown paired with one of her favourite braided chignons, showing her dangling earrings. 

Braided chignon

Kate donned a lavish white dress paired with a sleek chignon hairdo- this hairdo is perfect for another day of royal duties.

Sleek Chignon