Prince William and Kate Middleton's Super Rare PDA Moments

This lovely PDA picture of Kate and William is a perfect representation of a fairytale romance.

Love and affection

Kate and William, this sweet little PDA moment is a sign of love, strength and commitment. 

Always hands in hands

A picture that warms the heart, the sweetest moment of Kate and William.

Laugh out loud

Kate and William, depicts the true meaning of love. 

A moment of love

Kate and William shared a lovely PDA moment while roasting marshmallows; they looked precious. 

Winter love

A picture worth a thousand words, Kate and William captured in their sweetest moment.

The epitome of royal romance

A pure moment of joy and love, Kate and William seem to enjoy football and creating everlasting happy memories. 

Its football time

Sweetness captured Kate and William in love, and the couple shared a beautiful moment at polo tournament.

Forever in love

  This is one of the sweetest pictures of Kate and William. "The royal romance, captured in a single moment."

Peek A Boo

  Kate and William are making memories to last a lifetime; they are the most romantic royals. 

Cant stop looking at you

The royal couple shared a lovely PDA moment, which shows their bond of love and laughter. 

A warm hug

  Kate and William seem to enjoy playing with the snow; they look super-adorable. 

Its snow time

"A portrait of tradition, love and family"

Family picture time

The royal couple is making their way to greet people, of course, holding hands in hands and all smiling.

Holding Hands with Loved One

It's a sweet picture. They made a lovely PDA eye-catching moment on the stairs and stole all our hearts. 

My eyes are on you

Whenever they are together, there is always a moment of laugh and love. 


The royal couple is never shy to express their affection; Kate and Williams always hold hands while going to an event. 

Hands in hands

The couple shared this adorable PDA portrait on their 10th Anniversary and made us weep; they look so in love. 

A picture of pure love

The royal couple is very supportive and helpful to each other, they look absolutely delightful here.

Supporting partner

 Kate and William couldn't stop looking at each other; how romantic it is. 

Love is in the air

Such a beautiful picture. The lovey-dovey couple has always been seen laughing and smiling at public gatherings. 

Happy together

The family who lives together, stays together, and pose together, Kate and Williams, are setting a beautiful example of parenting. 

Another family portrait