Kate Middleton And Prince William Sweetest Moments

Kate Middleton and Prince William often show public affection, but on some occasions, the pair let their guard down and just let the world know how loving-caring they are.

Kate Middleton And Prince William have been married for nine years. Here's a look at their most adorable moments.

Kate Middleton and Prince William look super happy when they pose together, a little sweet PDA moment. 

All smiling

In honor of their tenth wedding anniversary, William and Kate released this sweet picture of them as a happily married couple.

Tenth wedding anniversary

William seemed happy when Kate pulled pints of lager beer at the Empire Music Hall; how adorable it is!

Pouring drinks together

Kate looked extremely glamorous at the premiere of Top Gun, and Will placed his hand on Kate's back in a rare display of PDA.

Love is in the air

On their royal tour of the Caribbean, the royal couple shared a sweet look during a reception in Jamaica.

Sweet love

William and Kate returned to their wedding venue, Westminster Abbey, right before their 10th anniversary; how romantic it is!

All eyes on each other!

Prince William and Kate shared a sweet LOVE moment backstage during the inaugural Earth shot Prize Awards.

Sweet love moment

During an official trip to Ireland, the royal couple enjoyed a walk alongside a scenic cliff.

Walking together

Will and Kate engaged in a rare moment of PDA at William's charity polo match.

POLO match love

Prince William and Kate held hands in hands as they arrived at a reception in the Bahamas.

Hands in hands

This picture of them has all our hearts; the royal couple looked so happy and glazing together.

All in love!

Kate and Will shared a sweet and beautiful laugh in the Bahamas during their royal tour of the region.

Laughing and glowing