The royal lovebirds, this moment of love, in between performing royal duties, won everyone's hearts. 

Adventure Seekers

Kate and Williams are the most endearing royal couple; they looked adorable side by side.

Arrow to My Heart

The royals seem to enjoy the snow at most; they look so in love. 

Snow Bunnies

Prince Williams got caught gazing at her beautiful wife, Kate; their sweet little PDA moment won all our hearts. 

Just look at you

Kate looked regal in a teal blue gown, and William donned a classy suit; the royals added charm to the function. 

Hands in hands

Kate and William's are the apple of each other's eye; the lovely couple glows differently in love. 

Apple of My Eye

Kate and Williams look lovely here; as it has been said, the couple who laughs together stays together forever. 

Bundle of Joy

The royals can't stop looking at and smiling at each other, aren't they look the sweetest? 

Out and About

The royals made a grand entry at the event and looked adorable.

Sparks Fly

Kate and Prince seem to share a beautiful laugh here, they look absolutely delightful here.

Laugh together

The royals shared a kiss at the tournament and won all our hearts. 

Tournament kisses

Kate Middleton in a blue gown and Prince William, in a black suit, walked together at the function and added glam to it. 

Together Forever