Kate Middleton Best Hair Looks

Princess of Wales always manages to look neat and beautiful, and this elegance has captured our hearts.

Here we have listed Kate's signature hairstyles, from vibrant blowouts to elegant updos, every hairstyle of hers that we loved. 

Kate looks elegant in this classic waves, softly pinned  hairstyle, secured with a beautiful hairband. 

Hairband hairstyle 

Kate, this hairstyle is simple, polished, and just the thing for a royal outing.

A fresh blowout

Kate loves chignon; she looks sophisticated with two braids coming together from the sides and set over a netted low bun.

Bun With Braided Band

One of Kate's signature hairstyles, she looks classy in these long, luscious straight strands. 

Straight hairstyle

Another day, another bun-hat duo. Kate, this hairstyle is just perfect for brunch and day outs.

Another classy bun

Kate's love for soft waves is evergreen; she looks super adorable. 

Waves & Waves

Kate's go-to hairstyle is a high ponytail; she looks polished.

Sleek high ponytail 

Sporty Kate prefers to be comfortable while playing, and this low-ponytail makes her signature hairstyle. 

Low Ponytail 

Kate looks elegant in this side bun hairstyle styled with a burgundy hat. 

Side bun with a twist

One of Kate's signature hairstyles is side-parted waves; she looks royal and stylish.

Side parted waves

Kate looks gorgeous in this hairstyle paired with statement earning; she captures many hearts. 

The Klassic Kate

Kate swapped her go-to side part for some action in the middle — and we loved it.

Middle Part Move