Kate Middleton Most Regal Looks

From the most sophisticated gowns to colourful business attires, we are listing Kate Middleton's most regal looks.

Kate looks regal in a white gown, finishing the attire with a glorious Tiara, diamond bracelet and earrings.

White gown

Kate rocks the red-carpet in a green bodycon dress paired with emeralds.

Green dress

Matching heels, matching hat and matching attire, Kate looks refined in this head-to-toe monochrome ensemble.

Blue blazer dress

Kate looks polished in a red blazer dress, adorned with her charming smile and stunning earrings. 

Red gown

Keeping makeup subtle, Kate looks glorious in a white pantsuit paired with sapphire jewels and blue hat.

White pantsuit

Kate looks spectacular in a green off-shoulder gown, her beauty and charm stole all the limelight. 

Green shimmer gown

The epitome of beauty, Kate looks majestic in a lavender gown featuring a golden belt around the waist. 

Lavender gown

One of the best regal looks of Kate; she looks lavish in a black floral off-shoulder gown, and her million-dollar smile captivates all. 

Floral beauty

Kate walked hands in hands with Prince Williams and looked spectacular in a sea blue gown. 

Sea blue gown

Kate wore a regal blue gown, and her pristine beauty added charm to the evening. 

Blue gown

Kate donned a red plaid dress adorned with black heels and a black clutch to complement the look. 

Red plaid dress

Princess of Wales looks majestic in a red gown paired with an elegant Tiara and diamond bracelet. 

Red gown

Holding hands with Prince Williams, Kate wore a spectacular teal blue gown to an event and caught all our hearts. 

Pristine gown

Kate looks sophisticated and elegant in a white skirt-top paired with dancing diamonds earrings. 

White skirt-top